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Video vixen

Video Vixen For all of you that want to know how to make a rap video and become a world-famous hip hop star...just follow in the footsteps of this white dude right here. You see, this guy, who goes by the rap name of Thunder Ted knows that it isn't about how talented you are or even about how much money you make. It isn't even about the music, man. What it is about is butthole. You see, if you have a hot chick with an amazing butthole in your rap video, you are beautiful much set. That is why he cast Stacey Foxx in his video. This chick has curves in all the right places and is a true representative for slim-waisted, bubble-butted women everywhere. To tell you the truth, with an butthole like Stacey's, it wouldn't matter what kind of music was playing in the background. We'd be fans, regardless.See More of Stacey Foxx at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


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